Strictly Creative Photography

27th November 2011
The Strictly Creative Photography evening on the 15th December will be different.

We know that members appreciate feedback in and critique of their images, yet the standard competition format with one judge means, of course, one opinion and doesn’t allow differing opinions to be aired. On this evening you will get feedback from several judges, and even fellow club members.

Often we are inhibited from submitting ‘unusual’ work because if the judge does not like it, well, they do not like it, and it will score poorly. With several judges with a range of views this is less likely to happen so it’s easier to enter risker images.

We’ve combined these two items to create the ‘Strictly Creative Photography’ evening.

What will be the same
Email your PDIs to by the end of the Sunday before. This is a strict deadline because of the extra preparation we have to do.
Being your prints on the night – be they digital, silver, cyanotype, chromatographs, grasstype, ...
What will be different about entering
There will be no separate club/advanced classes – all will be judged together.
There will be no separate print/PDI classes – they will be judged together.
You may enter up to 3 images in total, whatever format (though to be honest, we think we will probably only be able to get through two per member – but this all depends on how many people enter).
You must email your image priorities to even if you are submitting prints. This is for you to be able to tell us which is your primary, secondary, and tertiary image. (We will judge all ‘1sts’ first, if there is time we will move on to the ‘2nds’, and if time the ‘3rds’.
Please help us cut down the amount of work we have to do by listing the image names in priority order, and indicating which are print/PDI.
What will be different about judging
There will be a panel of 4 judges.
Every image will be commented on by a subset of the judges before awarding their marks.
What will be different about scoring
Judges will score images by holding up their score.
Images will be awarded the average of the points.
Judges cannot score their own image.
After all the images are shown, we will rank them in order – 1st-nth.
At a later-than-normal tea break you will be given the opportunity to vote on all the images:
Buy a raffle ticket to get a vote (10p per ticket).
Buy as many as you like – 1 vote per ticket.
Raffle draw before the beginning of the second half of the evening (while we tally the votes).
After all the votes are cast we will rank the images in order according to the votes – 1st-nth.
Photographers will get a prize (of, e,g. ,a round of applause) for:
Highest-ranked by judges.
Highest-ranked by audience.
Highest-ranked overall.
What we ask of you
Read the rules on the documents page of the website.
Be extra creative! Creativity will be credited more highly by the judges than proficiency at tools or techniques – for example simply using a Photoshop effect or plugin may not score highly.
Help us to keep to the timetable.
Bring some pennies to buy tickets.
Keep your image handy to be entered in the ‘creative panel’ in the 2010 camera club exhibition. We will enter your PDIs automatically unless you tell us otherwise.

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