Photographic Treasure Hunt 2013

03rd February 2013
You have until the 7th of March to gather photographic answers to the clues below and submit them to the usual competition address.
  • The clues relate to places within about five miles of the hall where we meet.
  • You may consider working as individuals or as teams.
  • Entries will be judged at the 14th of March meeting, on the basis of the best set of photographic solutions.
  • Points will be awarded for finding the right answer, with bonus points for the best photograph.
  • There will be a small prize for the winners.

  1. Which lane is a combination of red, yellow, and blue?
  2. Where would you find a ship up high?
  3. This famous name may be preceded by beef or nobility
  4. I doubt if royalty visit this establishment
  5. They serve foreign food not far from where we normally meet
  6. Where would you expect to find Alan Jenkins on a Sunday?
  7. Equestrian on the move
  8. Where water birds could meet
  9. This castle is not for foreigners
  10. Where could you buy tack?
  11. A pair of "royal boozers": two pictures required for the answer
  12. These boots are not for wearing.

How to submit your answers
Send your images to the usual competition address.
Use the following naming convention: TH_Name_Cn.jpg
  • TH – for Treasure Hunt
  • Name – either your initials or the team name if you have created one
  • Cn – Clue Number, eg C2 for your image for Clue number 2

E.G. TH RM C8.jpg for Clue 8 – Where Waterbirds could meet.

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