E4 MatthewP

E4 MatthewP - Summer 2011 Outing - Snowdonia

E5  - MJH - Do Not Disturb

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A00G 1
A00H 2 Llyn Glen Idwal Bochlwyd
A1   _EstherPC_Pearly Gate to Llyn Something
A1   PaulW _ Afon Idwal Rapids
A1 - MJH - The First 250 metres
A2 _EstherPC_Symphony in Green
A2 Paul W _ The climb to Llyn Bochlwyd
A2 PaulW _ Martin in the Cotton Grass
A2_EstherPC_Looks like the top but just an illusion
A2_EstherPC_Now theres a proper sky
A3  Paul W _ Esther and Martin at Llyn Bochlwyd
A3  PaulW  _ Rock Face